Spring in Las Vegas!

The view from our picnic blanket.

It was a beautiful 71 degrees in Las Vegas today. I dug out the flip-flops from storage in our garage and my daughters and I enjoyed our first full day of playing in the backyard, watching birds, tumbling in the grass and picking ‘berries’.

We also got a chance to talk to Mema and Papa in New Mexico where the weather is a chilly 43 degrees.

Don’t worry, we didn’t rub it in. ūüôā

If you are visiting our city of lights in the upcoming weeks, you chose a great time!


Lovely Testimonial from Joanna

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Billie, our fabulous babysitter!!! Billie is a godsend. She was referred to our family by a trusted¬†friend when we were in a pinch and needed a sitter for a charity event. I typically¬†leave my children (4 yr. old son and almost 2 yr. old daughter) with only one¬†person. Billie was incredible with them. I cannot express how much my son and¬†daughter enjoyed their time with her ‚Äď laughing, playing and having fun. They¬†immediately took to her, which made the transition that evening easy‚Ķfor all of¬†us!

Billie is warm, incredibly patient, kind and caring. She was able to quickly adapt to their evening routine and left detailed notes about their activities, etc. They¬†were safe, happy and even in bed a little early! We appreciated how she was¬†able to reinforce the behavior we strive to instill in our children ‚Äď please, thank¬†you, be kind & courteous to others, etc. In a sense, she was able to serve as an¬†extension of us, ensuring our children‚Äôs daily routine was consistent.

I could not give Billie a stronger recommendation. We adore her!!!



Lovely Testimonial from Rashnee

We are a family of five, we have three girls, twins are 7 years and a 6 year old. We live in California.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas my husband suggested hiring a nanny. I didn’t feel too comfortable about the idea of a stranger caring for our kids so we looked at many sites and wanted someone we felt comfortable with. We first chose Billie because she had a nanny cam and I thought “OK, it’s like we never left.”

But as my kids gave me a good feed back about Billie and seeing their excitement when we tell them “Billie is gonna come to babysit” them, I started to feel more comfotable with her babysitting my kids.They get really excited about seeing her and can’t wait for us to leave.

Billie has always been on time.
Billie has been easy to talk to.
Billie had activities and /or a game for the kids.
Billie always had a smile.
Most importantly, my kids feel comfortable with her.

We now use her services whenever we are in Vegas because we feel comfortable with her…..”THANK YOU” BILLIE

Why I Love Caring for Babies – Part 1

There is something fun about every age; toddlers see the world in their own unfiltered way (and really do say the funniest things), elementary aged kids are great game buddies whether it be make believe or board games, and despite what a lot of people think, middle schoolers are very fun to be around.

But after a recent upswing in wonderful baby clients, I thought it would be fun to pin down exactly why I love caring for babies so much.

1. Singing Comforts Them – Can you imagine singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” the next time your boss hits the roof?

2. Total Dependence – This used to terrify me when I was seven or so, visiting my mother’s friend with a new baby (it was so fragile! and tiny!). Now I’m older and more experienced and know the sunny side of this like the moment when you’re holding a little one and they rest their head on your shoulder and you feel them relax, all content and snuggly… bliss!

3. Everything is New – Ever watched a great movie and then watched it again a few days later because you wanted to introduce it to a friend? Caring for babies is like this but with the whole world! When was the last time you experienced something¬†new? Not¬†something fun, or novel, but a completely new experience? Babies have first experiences every day and it’s amazing to witness.

4.¬†They are New – In the same vein as Everything is New, is that they themselves are new. Babies develop so quickly you can almost see them growing. A one week old is at an amazingly different level than a one month old. I’ve had several times where a little one I cared for regularly was literally bigger when I came back from vacation. And for children I’ve cared for consistently it’s a fun challenge; just when you figure out their nap/feeding/play/etc. routine, guess what! They’ve developed past it and you have a new needs to provide for. ūüôā

Lovely Testimonial from Taya

We are a young family of four from Canada and this past Sept we hosted an anniversary party/family reunion in Las Vegas.  Because the event was not suitable for kids we needed to find care for our children and for any of our guests who wanted to bring their kids along on the trip but not to the actual event.

At the time my son was about to turn 3 and my daughter was only 4 months old.  We telephoned all of the Nanny agencies on the web and provided from the hotel list.  While the hourly rate for the agencies is quite expensive we were willing to pay whatever for good care, but our #1 concern was being able to meet the Nanny/Nannies in advance of the event Рwe simply did not want any last minute stresses on the day of and finding excellent care for our young children was high priority.

While the “top” agencies seemed professional on the phone, they didn’t seem to be able to guarantee that the person we met in advance would be the same person who came the day of our event.¬† As well, because of their booking minimums of 3-4 hours – usually at a rate of $35-45 per hour, suddenly just interviewing the Nanny became very expensive ($180 just to meet? what if we didn’t like the Nanny?)¬† I kept searching the web, reading blogs and asking locals for recommendations and finally¬†came across “Billie” the “Smiling Nanny” and her website.

I was so impressed with the layout of her website, calming each of my concerns and the #1 thing that excited me, was that she¬†can provide¬†a service at no extra¬†charge; where she sets up her laptop in your hotel room that can be connected to your iphone or other mobile device and allows you to see your kids while you are out of the room – unreal!¬† I immediately thought that anyone willing to be videotaped the entire time they are with my children, is a very trustworthy person.¬† After talking to Billie on the phone, I found her to be extremely professional, even more so than the agencies.¬†¬†I could tell she was taking notes on the other end of the line, calling me by my name and taking down dates and times and¬†the gender, name, age etc. of my children.¬† She was also willing to come and meet us¬†before our event and didn’t impose a minimum¬†number¬†of hours to do so.¬† When she came to the hotel for her “interview,” she brought along a notepad and a suitcase full of age appropriate toys and books for my son and daughter.¬† I had the opportunity to watch her interact with my children and she has a lovely demeanour.

Bille¬†was punctual, polite and lots of fun.¬† My¬†son had a blast with her and my daughter, who was¬†just a baby, was well cared for and¬†sleeping peacefully when I came¬†back to the hotel room.¬† While I was gone, Billie would also send me text message updates.¬† We were so happy with Billie’s services, that we booked her¬†another night on our trip.¬† Billie’s fees are¬†very¬†reasonable for the service she provides and I would highly recommend her to any¬†one and have already¬†talked about her to many of my friends who love Vegas too.¬†¬†She will be seeing us again, as having her in Vegas truly makes it a family friendly destination for us.¬† If you would like to talk to me¬†more about my experience with Billie, please ask her for my email and I would be happy to¬†sing her praises…she is a wonderful Nanny and a lovely person.

Taya C. – Vancouver, BC

I’m Thankful

If you are in a country that celebrates Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving!

I have an extra special reason to be thankful this year; we are expecting another addition to our family! We are so excited and yes, thankful. I’m feeling fantastic (which I’m also thankful for, considering I had serious morning sickness with my girls!). Since everyone asks I’ll let you know up front, no we’re not hoping for a boy this time, we would be genuinely happy with another girl, or just as excited to welcome our first son. ūüôā

Here’s to you and yours today. I hope you have a chance to reflect and appreciate the blessings in your life and smile.

“If you want to feel rich, just count all the blessings you have that money can’t buy.”

Free Admission at the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art


The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art is offering free admission on October 8th in honor of the Smithsonian magazine’s Annual Museum Day.¬†The current exhibit is A Sense of Place: Landscapes from Monet to Hockney and will be open from 10 am – 7 pm.

While I haven’t had a chance to see this particular collection, I find my visits there so relaxing. And, as Vegas is short on culture, enlightening. ūüôā For your tickets, visit www.bellagio.com/bgfa.

Welcome to The Smiling Nanny Blog!


I’m Billie, smiling nanny and resident of Las Vegas Nevada. As a vacation nanny, I come offer professional and caring nanny services direct to your Las Vegas hotel room.

I’m starting this blog to share some of my favorite things about Vegas. ¬†I’ll be highlighting interesting shows, attractions, educational and cultural events along with travel tips and a few interesting tidbits on what it’s like having the privledge of caring for children from all over the world.

I hope you find something here that will help make your trip easy and your stay smile worthy.

Happy travels,

Billie ūüôā
The Smiling Nanny

Flying to Hawaii to meet Grandpa & Grandma-San