Lovely Testimonial from Taya

We are a young family of four from Canada and this past Sept we hosted an anniversary party/family reunion in Las Vegas.  Because the event was not suitable for kids we needed to find care for our children and for any of our guests who wanted to bring their kids along on the trip but not to the actual event.

At the time my son was about to turn 3 and my daughter was only 4 months old.  We telephoned all of the Nanny agencies on the web and provided from the hotel list.  While the hourly rate for the agencies is quite expensive we were willing to pay whatever for good care, but our #1 concern was being able to meet the Nanny/Nannies in advance of the event – we simply did not want any last minute stresses on the day of and finding excellent care for our young children was high priority.

While the “top” agencies seemed professional on the phone, they didn’t seem to be able to guarantee that the person we met in advance would be the same person who came the day of our event.  As well, because of their booking minimums of 3-4 hours – usually at a rate of $35-45 per hour, suddenly just interviewing the Nanny became very expensive ($180 just to meet? what if we didn’t like the Nanny?)  I kept searching the web, reading blogs and asking locals for recommendations and finally came across “Billie” the “Smiling Nanny” and her website.

I was so impressed with the layout of her website, calming each of my concerns and the #1 thing that excited me, was that she can provide a service at no extra charge; where she sets up her laptop in your hotel room that can be connected to your iphone or other mobile device and allows you to see your kids while you are out of the room – unreal!  I immediately thought that anyone willing to be videotaped the entire time they are with my children, is a very trustworthy person.  After talking to Billie on the phone, I found her to be extremely professional, even more so than the agencies.  I could tell she was taking notes on the other end of the line, calling me by my name and taking down dates and times and the gender, name, age etc. of my children.  She was also willing to come and meet us before our event and didn’t impose a minimum number of hours to do so.  When she came to the hotel for her “interview,” she brought along a notepad and a suitcase full of age appropriate toys and books for my son and daughter.  I had the opportunity to watch her interact with my children and she has a lovely demeanour.

Bille was punctual, polite and lots of fun.  My son had a blast with her and my daughter, who was just a baby, was well cared for and sleeping peacefully when I came back to the hotel room.  While I was gone, Billie would also send me text message updates.  We were so happy with Billie’s services, that we booked her another night on our trip.  Billie’s fees are very reasonable for the service she provides and I would highly recommend her to any one and have already talked about her to many of my friends who love Vegas too.  She will be seeing us again, as having her in Vegas truly makes it a family friendly destination for us.  If you would like to talk to me more about my experience with Billie, please ask her for my email and I would be happy to sing her praises…she is a wonderful Nanny and a lovely person.

Taya C. – Vancouver, BC


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