Why I Love Caring for Babies – Part 1

There is something fun about every age; toddlers see the world in their own unfiltered way (and really do say the funniest things), elementary aged kids are great game buddies whether it be make believe or board games, and despite what a lot of people think, middle schoolers are very fun to be around.

But after a recent upswing in wonderful baby clients, I thought it would be fun to pin down exactly why I love caring for babies so much.

1. Singing Comforts Them – Can you imagine singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” the next time your boss hits the roof?

2. Total Dependence – This used to terrify me when I was seven or so, visiting my mother’s friend with a new baby (it was so fragile! and tiny!). Now I’m older and more experienced and know the sunny side of this like the moment when you’re holding a little one and they rest their head on your shoulder and you feel them relax, all content and snuggly… bliss!

3. Everything is New – Ever watched a great movie and then watched it again a few days later because you wanted to introduce it to a friend? Caring for babies is like this but with the whole world! When was the last time you experienced something new? Not something fun, or novel, but a completely new experience? Babies have first experiences every day and it’s amazing to witness.

4. They are New – In the same vein as Everything is New, is that they themselves are new. Babies develop so quickly you can almost see them growing. A one week old is at an amazingly different level than a one month old. I’ve had several times where a little one I cared for regularly was literally bigger when I came back from vacation. And for children I’ve cared for consistently it’s a fun challenge; just when you figure out their nap/feeding/play/etc. routine, guess what! They’ve developed past it and you have a new needs to provide for. 🙂


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