Lovely Testimonial from Rashnee

We are a family of five, we have three girls, twins are 7 years and a 6 year old. We live in California.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas my husband suggested hiring a nanny. I didn’t feel too comfortable about the idea of a stranger caring for our kids so we looked at many sites and wanted someone we felt comfortable with. We first chose Billie because she had a nanny cam and I thought “OK, it’s like we never left.”

But as my kids gave me a good feed back about Billie and seeing their excitement when we tell them “Billie is gonna come to babysit” them, I started to feel more comfotable with her babysitting my kids.They get really excited about seeing her and can’t wait for us to leave.

Billie has always been on time.
Billie has been easy to talk to.
Billie had activities and /or a game for the kids.
Billie always had a smile.
Most importantly, my kids feel comfortable with her.

We now use her services whenever we are in Vegas because we feel comfortable with her…..”THANK YOU” BILLIE


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