Lovely Testimonial from Joanna

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Billie, our fabulous babysitter!!! Billie is a godsend. She was referred to our family by a trusted friend when we were in a pinch and needed a sitter for a charity event. I typically leave my children (4 yr. old son and almost 2 yr. old daughter) with only one person. Billie was incredible with them. I cannot express how much my son and daughter enjoyed their time with her – laughing, playing and having fun. They immediately took to her, which made the transition that evening easy…for all of us!

Billie is warm, incredibly patient, kind and caring. She was able to quickly adapt to their evening routine and left detailed notes about their activities, etc. They were safe, happy and even in bed a little early! We appreciated how she was able to reinforce the behavior we strive to instill in our children – please, thank you, be kind & courteous to others, etc. In a sense, she was able to serve as an extension of us, ensuring our children’s daily routine was consistent.

I could not give Billie a stronger recommendation. We adore her!!!




2 responses

  1. I was googling for nannies in Las Vegas when I came across this website. Billie was our nanny for 2 days. She took care of 4 kids and was AMAZING with them! She even brought toys and books for the kids and they loved her. I requested for a report..some sort of background check and she provided me with one. She took care of our kids for 5 hrs each day. Would definitely recommend her to all my friends. Thanks Billy!

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